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Dear Drarry 4: Love

Dear Drarry,

There’s this guy I know from school and I think I might really like him. He knows who I am but we haven’t talked at all! I’m deathly afraid to go near him because he might laugh at me. What should I do?

Desperately yours,

Anxious Admirer

“Hex him.”

“Draco, I’m sure you know that manipulating muggles against their will is frowned upon in most societies.”

“Fine. Shove a love potion down his throat.”

“…You’re impossible, you know that?”

“Still not good enough? Fine then. Gently hold open the mouth of the object of your heart’s affection and soothingly let him imbibe the unique liquid that shall allow the both of you two live happily albeit forcibly ever after. Happy, Potter?”

“You can’t force someone to love, Draco. And I’m not talking about the technicalities of love potions either. I meant the real kind of love; the one that doesn’t need any magic.”

“Well excuse me for wanting to be practical. Merlin help us all if you really think your nauseating idea of flying doves and silk ribbons and what-not actually works. Excuse me while I swallow my own sick.”

“Of course it works! I got you, didn’t I?”

"If you’re stating that I was attracted by your abnormal fondness for doves and ribbons then I’m happily disagreeing—”

“No I wasn’t, Draco, and stop it with the stupid ribbon talk, okay? I was just saying that we fell in love naturally, without use of magic or whatever.”

“Well I’m still not letting go of the possibility of you spiking my pumpkin juice with love potion. Or casting Imperius on me. Or both, come to think of it. It must’ve been something that extreme to make me fall in love with you of all people. Goodness, what if it was Millicent who spiked—”

“I’m most definitely sure of not spiking your drinks, Draco. Don’t forget that I wasn’t the one who made the first move, remember? You were the one flirting like an army of Blast-Ended Skrewts in heat!”

“Hah! Potter, you wouldn’t recognize flirting even if it dressed up in Dumbledore’s clothes and gave you a good strip-tease! I don’t suppose you would’ve even known if I ever attempted to do so with you. Why I remember that wench Lavender Brown hitching her skirt during the Leaving Ball and you just sat there asking her why her stockings didn’t match her skin tone!”

“Well it didn’t, Malfoy. And I wasn’t blind or stupid. I guess she was the one who was mental, with the way she went on with what she was doing when you were a few feet away.”

“Served her right to be turned into a bald midget then.”

“It was a bit too much to add the cow udders to her scalp though. Anyway, we’re getting distracted from the subject, Draco.”

“Oh yes, I forgot about little miss spineless for a moment—”

“She’s not spineless, she’s just nervous. It’s pretty nerve-wracking to have to talk to someone you really like.”

“Psh. How peasant-like. We Malfoy’s are famous for our aggressive yet successful tactics.”

“The aggressive bit’s spot-on though. You practically shoved me up the Quidditch post and ravished me in front of the entire school!”

“I was reaching for the Snitch!”

“Yeah you did do that, didn’t you, after I caught it?”


“Got a point eh? Moving on, I suggest that you find something that the both of you are interested in. It could be a sport, your fears or what you want to do in life—”

“—which is ironically the same for us. Last time I checked, my worst fear and what you’re going to do in life is most certainly the same thing. I would laugh if it wasn’t so bloody fucked-up.”

“It just goes to show that no matter how ridiculous a pair could look like, love is still possible! So just go for it. We’re young, we’re supposed to screw up and stuff before we get things right.”

“I’m counting this as one of my screw-ups before I get things right then.”

“Whatever Draco, I still love you, no matter how big an arse you are.”

“…it’s that hard to get rid of you, is it?”

“Well it’d make things a hell of a lot better if you stop fighting and just get used to it.”

“Never! Where’s the fun in that? I’m a Malfoy. And Malfoy’s are born to be lively—”

“—if lively meant being a huge pain in the arse, then hell yes, Draco, you are.”


“You do have to admit that it’s true, Draco.”

“…Do remind me while I’m still here, will you?”

“Well… I’ve got a great photo of Lavender trying to grab at the udders on her head, want a look-see?”

“…Lead on, Harry.”



Thanks guys!! I'm so happy that people actually read this haha! XD Please do continue reading and watching, I promise to make it all better and more... *evil laugh* :D just wait and see, guys! Thanks again!

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