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Dear Drarry 3: Bundle of Nerves

Dear Drarry,
I’m a regular student in school but I want to try out for our school’s volleyball team. I’m scared to go to try-outs because everyone’s so much better and more experienced than me. My problem is that I don’t know if I should push through with trying out. Should I?
Aspiring Spiker

“Dear Aspiring, Harry here. Don’t worry mate, that’s a normal problem everybody goes through. Nerves get the best of everyone! Well, Quidditch experience taught me to—”

“Ooh, ‘Quidditch experience’! Why, wherever do you get that from? I honestly don’t know where for I don’t have any of that for myself! Woe is me! I shall pierce my chest with a thousand spears, the lack of getting—”

“Must you always insert drama into random conversation?”

“It’s not drama, Harry. It’s called sarcasm. I trust that it isn’t too deep to enter your thick skull? And why’d you have to go spouting off about your ‘Quidditch experience’ anyway? Merlin knows I have more than you do, why, I’ve been riding a broom since mother first fit me into my diamond-studded booties!”

“Why no wonder you’re so loose, with all that broom-riding you’ve been doing.”


“Ow! Joke! It was a damn joke, Draco!”

“Shut up! I’m never talking to you again, ever! …and I’m NOT loose, Potter!”

“Merlin, it was just a joke! …As I was saying, Quidditch experience taught me that you should go for every opportunity thrown at you. Imagine what would’ve happened if I didn’t show Oliver Wood that I really wanted to fly. See? Initiative is important.”


“You’ve also got to believe in yourself. I was just a first year when they made me seeker of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. No one believed I could do it but that didn’t matter because I did. “


“Get your mates to support you too. It’d do you great to have someone to talk to when you feel a bit tense during try-outs. Your friends can do wonders for your nerves.”


“And one of the best things I’ve learned is that you should never, ever overestimate the enemy. They might be as nervous, or even more so than you are. People with their noses high up in the air, struts so arrogant that they can rival a deranged rooster and heads so big that even Hagrid can hide behind it aren’t exactly the best competitors out there. They could as easily be horrible players who use their arrogance as a mask.”


“Who knows? You might be even better than every player out there. Like in my case, the lack of talented, capable challengers—”

“Why you bloody git! Just because you won every single match since a bloody broom was shoved up your nose doesn’t give you the right to call me untalented or incompetent! It’s not my fault that fate’s twisted belief of justice is that you were practically born with a broom between your legs—”

“I was born with a broom between my legs.”

“…Harry James Potter, if I wasn’t a decent person, you would be sporting the distinct scent of Dungbombs as your latest perfume endorsement. What the hell is the problem with you and your… your… sick sense of humor and vulgarity?

“It’s Quidditch, Draco. You can’t avoid talking about brooms, balls and everything in between! Loosen up a little, won’t you? …Oh wait. I forgot. You already are! Haha!”

“You—you insolent little—I don’t know why I ever agreed to—you’re nothing but a—”

“I love you.”

“…What did you say?”

“I love you.”


“I love you Draco.”

“…Potter, you’re truly a Slytherin at heart, you know that? You had to go cheat and do that just when I got impossibly angry.”

“Couldn’t help it Draco, you’re impossibly adorable when you get impossibly angry. Even though it’s impossibly… improbable.”

“Fucking arse.”

“Don’t mind if I do!”


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